Sunday, August 20, 2006

รูปเจ้าของหลักสูตร 6000$ และห้องทำงาน

Five Session Consultation Outline -Session Objective:Session One How Your Personality Influences Your TradingFear, Greed, And Worry And Their Negative Effects Define Money Management & Why It Is Important To Your TradingHow Professional Traders Use Money ManagementHow You Should Implement Money ManagementSpecific Money Management Examples

Session Two Recommended Education For TradingChoosing A Trading System That Compliments Your PersonalityCharting SoftwareThe Truth About All Trading SystemsSetting Stops To Prevent Large LossesThe Importance Of Testing Your Trading SystemSuggestions On How To Test Your System

Session Three Keeping Track Of Your TradingWhy Record Keeping Is So ImportantWhat Record Keeping Data Is Important To Improve Your TradingChoosing A Record Keeping SystemWhy "Paper Trading"

Session Four Choosing The Right Computer For Your NeedsGetting set upChoosing The right internet providerChoosing Your Data ProviderChoosing Your Broker Or Online BrokerageExecuting Your Trades & Placing Orders
Session Five Developing “The Trader’s Mindset”Using Psychology To Improve Your TradingPutting It All TogetherQuestions & Answers

SummaryOnce we get going with your personal coaching program, you may be surprised at the different issues and topics we cover that effect your trading, some of which you may not even be aware of. Many of you may want to focus on only your particular needs and questions. We have designed our Consultation / Coaching Programs to be flexible so that we can address your particular needs and objectives. We offer the above curriculum outline to those traders who may need direction in their personal coaching program


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